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FloraMax Pythoff PLUS 

Eliminates toxic build-up in hydroponic systems 

The formulation of Pythoff Plus is a result of our extensive experience as water treatment chemists since 1966. 

  • Maintains the condition and effective working life of nutrient solutions – 0.5ml/L.  This prevents the accumulation of nutrient by-products and blocked drippers.  See FAQs below.
  • The ultimate weekly ‘flush’ – Pythoff PLUS restores the condition of the rootzone, medium and hardware during the “weekly” system flush (0.5ml/L).  See FAQs below.
  • Maintains ‘stored’ water (RO and rain water) used for making nutrient solutions – Pythoff PLUS maintains its condition and prevents “stagnation” (0.5ml/L).  This prevents the likelihood of contaminating the working nutrient solution.
  • Improves post-harvest system clean-up – Pythoff PLUS cleans system hardware AND “recyclable” mediums to prevent contamination of the next crop (2ml/L).
  • Pythoff PLUS is “standardized” to a specific concentration and has a shelf-life of 10 yrs plus – The correct dosage is critical as underdosing will provide no benefit, and overdosing will harm roots.  Note, competing products are generally highly unstable and therefore yield an untrustworthy dosage.
  • Safe to use from seed to harvest – Pythoff PLUS is very gentle on roots.
  • Pythoff PLUS is fully compatible with all FloraMax additives.
  • Dosage:  Nutrient solutions, flush water and stored water, 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal) | Post-harvest system clean-up, 2ml/L (8ml/Gal).
  • Available in 1L, 5L, 20L.
  • CAUTION: Not compatible with hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, beneficial bacteria or “live” systems.
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