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It’s a tradeoff the world has been trying to solve since at least the Dark Ages – defense, or freedom of movement? One has almost always come at the expense of the other. Not so with the Armadillo Knee Pads. They take a que from nature to solve the age old problem and keep your knee cartilage fresh. The fully-adjustable high-density PE plating system lets you adjust the individual plates for maximum mobility. Yet the overlapping plates offer similar protection to rigid knee protection, and they’re slip-proof on treacherous smooth and slick surfaces. Washable, too – just remove the armor plates and throw the knee band right in the wash!

  • Patented Armadillo Plating system offers the defense of rigid knee pads without limiting range of motion
  • Fully adjustable plates are made of high density PE with no-slip traction on slick surfaces
  • Easy to wash – just remove the plates and toss the neoprene knee sleeve in the machine
  • S-M fits legs 12-16" in circumference 5" above the knee
  • L-XL fits legs 17-22" in circumference 5" above the knee
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